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Gastrointestinal disorders

As one who suffers from  gastrointestinal disorders most of her life,

I know the frustration that comes with it.

Many people choose not to receive treatment.

Sometimes out of fear of the treatment they will receive or the invasive tests they will be referred to, but many believe that if they only manage to bring a little order and calm into their daily routine the disorders will go away.

One of the most well-known syndromes today is *IBS - irritable bowel syndrome, which includes a wide range of symptoms, and in most cases the cause is mental stress and a lack of an orderly daily routine.

Chinese medicine sees the digestive system as the most basic system, after all without the transformation and decomposition of food - there will be no energy, and without energy - we will not be able to function.

Therefore, long-term gastrointestinal disorders can be a stubborn nuisance in daily routine and in extreme cases can lead to significant nutritional deficiencies and can even be fatal.

Over the years I have collected various methods and tips that I will share with you here in the hope that they will ease even one person.

Our digestive system,

like other systems in the body,

is in sync with nature.

And like everything in nature - there is a difference in its function during the day and its function at night.

At night the digestive system should be at rest and fasting.

During the day the system is in operation to provide energy throughout the day.

Adherence to orderly meals and reasonable amounts will help prevent various

disorders like bloating, heaviness, abdominal pain, nausea, gas

and more.

I will start by saying that not everyone suffers from disorders in the digestive system caused by gluten.

But most of my patients report that with the cessation of gluten consumption, there has been a marked improvement in their digestive system.

As children, you might also tried making improvised glue from water with a little flour.

Well, this is exactly what gluten creates in the digestive system - masses of sticky substance which makes it difficult to digest.

By reducing the daily diet of white flour in particular and other flours that contain gluten in general, you will help your digestive system

work in a much more efficient

and effective way.

Excessive consumption of dairy products, especially those that contain high percentages of fat, makes it difficult to digest and creates moisture in the body that can manifest itself in bloating and heaviness after a meal, fatigue and tiredness, soft stools, phlegm and mucus and more.

Over time, obesity may also appear,

which is actually an accumulation

of moisture and fluids

in the body.

Low consumption

of dairy products

Contains fiber that stimulates

intestinal motility.

Particularly effective in treating constipation and bloating that is not released with the stool.

Whether you suffer from constipation or bloating in response to certain foods or you suffer from a 'lazy' gut, which makes it difficult to digest any meal, plums are a wonderful, simple and healthy solution.

Recommended amount:

3-6 plums soaked in a glass of water

for the night.

Drink the water,

eat the plums.


Is a relatively basic substance

and therefore alleviates disorders that appear as a result of excessive

acidity in the digestive tract.

Hyperacidity can manifest itself in a variety of symptoms such as reflux, heartburn, abdominal pain caused by ulcers and more.

In addition, the acidic balance is important for a proper digestive process and helps reduce the accumulation of gases in the digestive tract.

Recommended amount:

one teaspoon in a glass of water

in the morning.

Sodium bicarbonate

Reduction in gluten consumption

Regular meal times

Creates movement in the body

and circulates the blood.

Proper circulation in the body, helps the bloodstream to reach every cell and compartment in the body and nourish it with essential substances.

In addition - the flow of blood helps the motility of the digestive system and thus reduces constipation, bloating, and accumulations

in the intestine.


As you probably know,

heat speeds up procedures while cold delays them.

Therefore, drinking a glass of warm water after a meal, especially in winter, helps in the breakdown of enzymes in the stomach

and intestines.

Hot drink

after a meal

*IBS - Irritable bowel syndrome is the name given to a complex of gastrointestinal symptoms, the main ones of which are intermittent constipation and diarrhea, abdominal pain and bloating. In most cases all of these symptoms appear and more.