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Welcome to the website of Noga Moran - Traditional Chinese Medicine. Please note that the very use of the site constitutes unconditional consent to the terms of this policy.

For any questions you can contact: 052-5416890.

The site is operated by Noga Moran ID 305047714 who is the sole owner of all the content, products and all data displayed on the site.


The content and information listed on the site

All information contained on the site is provided for educational and social purposes only, and does not in any way constitute a substitute for advice, treatment, diagnosis, recommendation and / or medical supervision of any physician or therapist.

Do not use or rely on the content displayed on the site for the purpose of diagnosing or treating health problems or diseases of any kind.

If there is information or concern about any medical problem, you must immediately contact the attending physician and follow his instructions and not rely in any way on the advertising content displayed on the site.

According to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health regarding taking dietary supplements: pregnant women, lactating women, people taking prescription drugs and children - a doctor should be consulted.

Giving unconditional trust in any content on the site is a risk that is entirely yours and your responsibility. There is no substitute for information on this site for consultation with a physician or therapist prior to purchasing a product or diagnosing any problem, or for information regarding any dietary supplement or preparation.

The content on the site is presented for educational purposes only and does not provide medical consulting services and if there is a need for highly recommended and responsible advice contact a professional.