About My Journey 

Noga Moran

Dipl. C.M. Traditional Chinese Medicine 2019

Aesthetic Acupuncture 2020
Natural Pharmacy 2020

My entrance to the magnificent world of Chinese medicine wasn't before I was 25, that's when I started a four year studies of traditional Chinese medicine in Reidman College of Tel Aviv.

My interest in the field was brought to me by my first therapist, who gave me a reason to believe at the first session that Chinese medicine works! After years of agony from an unexplained pain, finally I found redemption.

In these four years of studying I encountered this strange and unusual culture, which through time become so reasonable and clear. The obvious definitions suddenly gained new meanings and the one path I have known all my life had started to branch out.

By the end of the second year I was certified with the Chinese technique Tuina, which gives answer to different kinds of Orthopedic issues and in most cases has a quick and specific influence.

Towards the end of the forth year, I attended a theoretical workshop concerning the treatment of depression and anxiety with Chinese medicine, in which I have gained new methods to work with spiritual complaints and emotional situations that require oversensitivity and a different approach.

After my graduation I attended a practical course of Cosmetic and Aesthetic acupuncture, In which I have learnt to treat and prevent a variety of skin pathologies.

With the embarking of 2020, I have participated in an online course for Natural Pharmacy. I have learnt to concoct different cosmetic and care products containing solely natural ingredients for daily use.

In addition, I gained another tool which I can use the knowledge of Chinese herbs with, and address a problem in a more comprehensive manner.

Today, I have a private clinic in Tel Aviv. In my therapy I combine all the tools and methods I gained over the process, while continuing to enrich my tool basket and look for the next direction. 

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