Chinese Medicine in Modern Life

Many are wondering what is the mechanism behind Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine sees mankind as an integral part of nature and as such, the human body will always aspire for balance.

Balance is the ideal state, it is when the body becomes in harmony with it's environment and therefor does not show any disharmony.


Though in Modern Life, where mankind is far from it's natural place on this planet, it is almost impossible to live in complete balance.

Our body is effected by infinite factors that are surrounding us daily, some in our control and some are not, amongst them is our nutrition, emotions that we express, traumas and events that effects us, basic habits and even the climate that we live in.

Chinese Medicine sees disharmony as an interruption in an individuals balance.

Whatever works for one person, does not necessarily work for the other. 

Using thorough diagnose and examination of all environmental influences, the Chinese therapist will try to bring the body back to balance.

There are many tools for us to use, amongst them:

Acupuncture - Which directs the attention of the body in to certain points which can improve blood circulation, physiology and metabolism.

Chinese Herbs - Which can influence over internal organs and different tissues and therefor improve their functioning in the body.

Contact - There are numerous technics which all have the ability to transform *Qi and blood and to bring the proper flow back to the body.

Nutrition - Is the most significant source of essential nutrients, which allows continues and functional growth of every tissue in the body.

Incorrect nutrition over time can manifest as disharmony in any of the body's systems.

Spirit - Recognition of emotional triggers that influence the mind in present time, future and even in the past. These triggers can manifest as an extreme expression of a certain emotion or as a lack of it.

In my Clinic I use a variety of tools and different approaches in order to get the most accurate diagnose and the widest picture for every patient, and to find the means to bring the body to it's maximum balance.

*Qi - the power that enables life, that drives the process. It is what allows the existence of organisms and plants, and what causes reproduction, changing, movement, nutrition and sleep.

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