Traditional Chinese Medicine

Aesthetic & Cosmetic Acupuncture

Natural Pharmacy

The Clinic offers


Joint pain │ muscles 

Trauma │ Tendons │ Sciatica

Sex & Menstruation

Dysmenorrhea │ PMS │Infertility

 Erectile Dysfunction │Low libido

Digestive System

Irregular Stools │ Discomfort

Reflux │ Heartburns │ Bloating

Internal Diseases


Organ DysfunctionHematological

Mental state

Mood swings │ Depression 

Stress & Anxiety │ Anger attacks 

Immune & Respiratory

Recurrent coldsAllergiesAsthma

Shortness of breath 

Skin Pathologies

Skin DiseasesAcnePigmentation

WrinklesBlack Circles

Balding & Hair loss


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